Specimen: Submit Cervical swab / High Vaginal swab in females OR Urethral swab in Amie’s charcoal medium. Ship refrigerated. DO NOT FREEZE.

Stability (Room): 2 hrs

Stability (Refrigerated): 48 hrs

Stability (Frozen): N/A

Method: ICT


Price: Contact Medilab

Turnaround time (TAT): 2 hrs

Usage: Chlamydia are obligate intracellular bacteria which cause a variety of infections but most notable are the urogenital infections. These maybe transmitted sexually or neonatally. Genital infections are mostly caused by C. trachomatis serovars D-K of which D, E & F are involved most often leading to cervicitis, salpingitis, endometritis, infertility & PID in females and urethritis, proctitis & epididymitis in males.

Specialty: Gynecologist

Disease: Diseases of Reproductive system


Courier Charges:

Home Collection: Available


Pre-test Information: No special preparation required

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