Specimen: 10 mL (5 mL min.) Body Fluid (Peritoneal/Pleural/Dialysis fluid/Drain fluid) in a sterile screw capped container. Ship refrigerated or frozen. Specify type of fluid on test request form and sample container.

Stability (Room): 2 hrs

Stability (Refrigerated): 72 hrs

Stability (Frozen): 1 week

Method: Compensated Jaffe’s Reaction IDMS Traceable


Price: Contact Medilab

Turnaround time (TAT): 5 – 15 days

Usage: This test is useful in cases of trauma, abdominal surgery, bladder perforation & urinary fistula causing intraperitoneal urine leakage. It also measures the ultrafiltration capacity of peritoneal membrane in patients receiving peritoneal dialysis.

Specialty: Nephrologist

Disease: Disorders of Kidney


Courier Charges:

Home Collection: Not Available


Pre-test Information: No special preparation required

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