Test CatalogueCryptococcus Antigen detection Serum

Specimen: 3 mL (2 mL min.) Serum from 1 SST OR 2 mL (1 mL min.) CSF in a sterile screw capped container. Ship refrigerated. DO NOT FREEZE.

Stability (Room): N/A

Stability (Refrigerated): 24 hrs

Stability (Frozen): N/A

Method: ICT


Price: Contact Medilab

Turnaround time (TAT): 5 – 15 days

Usage: Cryptococcosis is an invasive fungal infection caused by Cryptococcus neoformans found commonly in pigeon droppings. The disease affects mainly lungs and CNS. Cryptococcal antigen test is less frequently positive in serum than in CSF.

Specialty: Physician, Chest Physician, Neurologist

Disease: Infections


Courier Charges:

Home Collection: Available


Pre-test Information: No special preparation required

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