Specimen: CSF: 2 mL (1 mL min.) in a Red Top (No Additive) tube or sterile screw capped vial. Do not use SST gel barrier tubes. Ship refrigerated. Bone Marrow: 2 mL (0.5 mL min.) Bone marrow in 1 Green Top (Sodium Heparin) tube. Ship refrigerated. Pus/Body fluids (Pleural/ Pericardial/ Ascitic/ Synovial/ Ocular/ Bronchial washings/BAL) OR Aspirates /Semen/ Stool: Submit as much as possible (1 mL/1g min.) in sterile screw capped container. Ship refrigerated. Endometrial curettings/Tissue: Submit in sterile normal saline in a sterile screw capped container. Ship refrigerated. Swabs: Submit swabs in 1 mL sterile normal saline in sterile screw capped container. Ship refrigerated. Sputum/Urine: Submit 2 Spot (random) morning samples, 5–10 mL (1 mL min.) sputum /10 mL (5 mL min.) urine in sterile screw capped container. Ship refrigerated. Skin: Submit 2–3 mm scrapings from periphery of active skin lesion in sterile container or between 2 sterile glass slides. Wrap slides in black paper. Ship refrigerated. Hair: Submit plucked 10–12 infected, lustreless hair including root in a sterile container. Ship refrigerated. Nail: Submit clippings and powdery material from friable and discolored region of affected nail. Ship refrigerated.

Stability (Room): N/A

Stability (Refrigerated): 48 hrs

Stability (Frozen): N/A

Method: Conventional Fungus Culture, Microscopy, MALDITOF-MS

Comment: Contact lab within 10 – 15 days of release of result if Antifungal drug sensitivity is required.

Price: Contact Medilab

Turnaround time (TAT): 4 to 5 weeks but Report Interim 1: 1 week Interim 2: 2 weeks Interim 3: 3 weeks Final: 4 weeks

Usage: Fungi can infect CSF, Body Fluids and tissues. These infections are more common in immunocompromised patients. Early diagnosis and effective treatment can reduce the likelihood of severe sequelae.

Specialty: Physician, Chest Physician, Dermatologist, Neurologist

Disease: Infections

Components: Does not include ANTIFUNGAL SENSITIVITY

Courier Charges:

Home Collection: Available


Pre-test Information: No special preparation required

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