Specimen: 6 mL (3 mL min.) first morning Sputum OR 6 mL (3 mL min.) Concentrated sediments prepared from induced or expectorated Sputum OR 6 mL (3 mL min.) BAL fluid OR 2 mL (1 mL min.) CSF OR 6 mL (3 mL min.) Body fluids / Aspirates OR 2 mL (1 mL min.) Pus in a sterile screw capped container OR Fresh tissue biopsies including Endometrial aspirate / curettage in sterile normal saline. Ship refrigerated. DO NOT FREEZE.

Stability (Room): 2 hrs

Stability (Refrigerated): 24 hrs

Stability (Frozen): N/A

Method: Real Time PCR, Automated fluorescent, ICT

Comment: Blood & Swabs are not acceptable.

Price: Contact Medilab

Turnaround time (TAT): 6 to 7 weeks. Report Interim:1 day, 14 days & 4 weeks Final: 6 weeks

Usage: To detect Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex and to elucidate drug resistance to Rifampicin. In addition this test differentiates between MTB & MOTT by Rapid TB Antigen MPT64.

Specialty: Physician, Chest Physician

Disease: Tuberculosis

Components: *Genexpert with Rifampicin resistance *Culture AFB, Rapid

Courier Charges:

Home Collection: Not Available


Pre-test Information: No special preparation required

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