Specimen: 4 mL (2 mL min.) Whole blood from 1 Lavender Top (EDTA) tube. Ship refrigerated. DO NOT FREEZE. Must Record date of birth, sex, race and religion on the test request form.

Stability (Room): 6 hrs

Stability (Refrigerated): 48 hrs

Stability (Frozen): N/A

Method: HPLC / Electrophoresis

Comment: HPLC is the method of choice. Hemoglobin electrophoresis (Alkaline pH) on cellulose acetate will be carried out, if necessary, in selected cases, at no additional charge and reported after 3 days.

Price: Contact Medilab

Turnaround time (TAT): 10 – 15 dats

Usage: This assay is useful in the diagnosis of Beta Thalassemia. It quantitates the percent of fetal hemoglobin and assists in the diagnosis of disorders with elevated levels of HbF.

Specialty: Physician

Disease: Anemia

Components: Includes Hematological Indices

Courier Charges:

Home Collection: Available


Pre-test Information: To provide Date of birth, Sex, Race and Religion details.

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